Beautiful woman with make-up

Who is KAC Global

We are enthusiastic people who want to help everyone enhancing their own personal beauty and enjoying their simple life style.

We are a joint venture company of ‘KPI Healthcare’ and ‘Ain CMA’.
‘KPI Healthcare’ has become the largest wholesale distributor of diagnostic ultrasound equipment for 20 years. ‘KPI Healthcare’ is dedicated to be the most trusted sources in medical equipment and healthcare solution with over $10 million dollars in standing inventory; so customers can experience their needs ate any given time.
‘Ain CMA’ has 17 years of experience in permanent make-up training.
With abundant experience, ‘Ain CMA’ provides a wide range of permanent make-up courses to everyone to be the expert in this profession.

With the integration of two business, we have a broad product portfolio and a larger geographic foot print.
We provide systematic education program, the best technique with a user-friendly equipment to all over the world, and we expert to be the total beauty solution provider.



From Asia-Pacific to the Americas, all people in the world should have the same opportunity to improve and enhance their own personal beauty. We would like to be close with them to provide the better and qualified service.
If you are already in the profession but need consistent support, come and join our distributor in your country. We would like to help you to grow your business together.



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